Natural Fertility Management

Natural Fertility Management (NFM) is as much for contraception as it is for conception. In NFM you will learn how to listen to your body so that you understand the ins and outs of your menstrual cycle. You will learn about what a 'normal' menstrual cycle is and what you may need to do to achieve this. Although we all experience varying degrees of mood changes, fluid retention, cramping and/or breast tenderness with our menstrual cycle, these symptoms can often be reduced, or managed better. Having a NFM consultation will empower you to recognise exactly what is normal for you. It was also teach you about when your fertile window is.  This is useful not only for having a baby (conception), but also as a method of natural contraception as you will know with certainty when the ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ times during your menstrual cycle are.


For men, a NFM consultation teaches men what contributes to low sperm count, low motility or poor morphology